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Proficiency testing

The EURL organises interlaboratory comparison studies on detection and typing of Salmonella in accordance with Council Directive 92/177/EEC and Regulation (EC) 822/2004.

The participating laboratories in these interlaboratory comparison studies make use of standard protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs), along with complete test reports provided by the EURL.


Samples for the combined EURL-Salmonella Interlaboratory Comparison Study for Food and for samples from the Primary Production Stage (PPS), on detection of Salmonella spp. in  hygiene swabs, were shipped to the participants on Monday 2 October 2017. Electronic submission of this Food/PPS-2017 test results is closed now and results are currently evaluated at the EURL.


Samples for the recently started EURL-Salmonella Interlaboratory Comparison Study on serotyping and optionally PFGE typing were shipped to the participants on Monday 30 October 2017.

Deadline for electronic submission of the serotyping part of the study is Friday 15 December 2017. The link for this result form is available on the webpage. 


Deadline for completing the electronic submission of PFGE typing results is Friday 22 December 2017