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Workshop 2005

Programme Workshop X, 2005, Bilthoven, The Netherlands  

Please note that the actual pdf's of the presentations will become available again by September 2012, due to the renewal of this Website.

Thursday 28 April 2005, morning session

Title presentation and pdf 


Opening and introduction (pdf, 864Kb)

Kirsten Mooijman

Zoonoses report Salmonella 2003 trends and sources, including the new MSs reporting on a voluntary basis (pdf, 133Kb)

Annemarie Kaesboher


Zoonoses legislation (pdf, 2707Kb) Jean-Charles Cavitte

Baseline study laying hens: Interim results collected at EC (pdf, 674Kb)

Sarolta Idei

Baseline study laying hens: Interim results QA serotyping (pdf, 1666Kb)

Anjo Verbruggen

Baseline study laying hens: Discussion/questions/evaluation (pdf, 15Kb)

Arjen van de Giessen

Proposed baseline study broilers (pdf, 35Kb)

Antonia Ricci

Monitoring in breeder flocks (pdf, 1641Kb)

Jean-Charles Cavitte

 EFSA-activities in relation with Salmonella (pdf, 2963Kb)

Pia Makela

Thursday 28 April 2005, afternoon session

Title presentation and pdf


Results research activities CRL-Salmonella (including Draft Annex D of ISO 6579) (pdf, 322Kb)

Kirsten Mooijman

Bacteriological detection study VIII - 2004 (pdf, 899Kb)

 Hans Korver

Discussion on design bacteriological detection study IX - 2005 (pdf, 187Kb)

Kirsten Mooijman

Results typing study X - 2005: phagetyping (pdf, 551Kb)

Linda Ward

Results typing study X - 2005: serotyping (pdf, 494Kb)

Hans Korver

 Results typing study X - 2005: antibiotic resistance testing (pdf, 408Kb)

 Dik Mevius

Discussion on design typing study XI - 2006 (pdf, 23Kb)

Hans Korver

Friday 29 April 2005, morning session

Title presentation and pdf


Implications of the new feed and food regulation; Official Feed and Food Control, future activities of CRLs (pdf, 764Kb)

Jean Charles Cavitte

Questionnaire matrices and follow-up Proficience testing (pdf, 156Kb)

Kirsten Mooijman

Phagetyping, now and in the future (pdf, 2895Kb)

Linda Ward

Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) typing of Salmonella spp.; Salmgene (pdf, 4893Kb)

Max Heck

Bacteriological monitoring of Salmonella in pigs (pdf, 1271Kb)

 Arjen van de Giessen

UK Salmonella monitoring and control progamme in pigs (pdf, 3540Kb)

Rob Davies

Serological detection of Salmonella in swine (pdf, 12288Kb)

Peter van de Wolf


Work programme CRL second half 2005, first half 2006, and closure (pdf, 317Kb)

Kirsten Mooijman