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Workshop 2006

Programme Workshop XI, 2006, Saint Malo, France

Please note that the actual pdf's of the presentations will become available again by September 2012, due to the renewal of this Website.

Tuesday 9 May 2006, morning session

Title presenations + pdf


Opening and introduction (pdf, 12897Kb) Kirsten Mooijman

Baselin study in laying hens: Salmonella observed prevalence in large-scale laing hen holdings in the EU (pdf, 913Kb)

Frank Boelaert
Results QA serotyping (pdf, 824Kb) Kirsten Mooijman
Dealing with rough strains (pdf, 10914Kb) Anjo Verbruggen
Discussion/questions/evaluation (pdf, 205Kb) Arjen van de Giessen
Future baseline studies: Sampling & analytical aspects (pdf, 2739Kb) Frank Boelaert
Salmonella criteria for foodstuffs (pdf, 500Kb) Maija Hatakka
Tuesday 9 May 2006, afternoon session

Title presenations + pdf


State of play in ISO and CEN (pdf, 1493Kb) Kirsten Mooijman
Results bacteriological detection study IX - 2005 (pdf, 2067Kb) Petra Berk
Discussion on design and timing of two bacteriological detection studies in 2006 (pdf, 845Kb) Kirsten Mooijman
Results typing study XI - 2006: Phagetyping (pdf, 559Kb)

Elizabeth de Pinna

Results typing study XI - 2006: serotyping (pdf, 1451Kb) Petra Berk
Discussion on design typing study XII - 2007 (pdf, 208Kb) Arjen van de Giessen

Work programme CRL second half 2006, first half 2007, closure (997Kb)

Kirsten Mooijman