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Workshop 2016

Programme of the 21st EURL-Salmonella Workshop
9 June 2016, St. Malo, France


Morning session

Title presention and pdf 


Opening and introduction (pdf, 2,1 MB)

Kirsten Mooijman 

Results 20th interlaboratory comparison study on typing of Salmonella (2015) – serotyping and PFGE (pdf, 4,5 MB)

Wilma Jacobs 

Update on the joint EFSA/ECDC molecular typing database (pdf, 1,5 MB) 

Valentina Rizzi 

How will joint cluster management work in practice? An introduction to EPIS-FWD (pdf, 1,8 MB) 

Karin Johansson 

Use of WGS for typing of Salmonella at PHE

Elizabeth de Pinna 

Salmonella monitoring data and food-borne outbreaks for 2014 in the European Union (pdf, 2,5 MB)

Valentina Rizzi  

Afternoon session

Title presentation and pdf 


Update on activities in ISO and CEN (pdf, 1,2 MB)  

Kirsten Mooijman   

Results interlaboratory comparison study Food on detection of Salmonella in whole liquid egg (2015) (pdf, 2,6 MB)  

Angelina Kuijpers  

Preliminary results interlaboratory comparison study on detection of Salmonella in boot socks (2016) (pdf, 896 KB) 

Irene Pol 

Nordic cooperation for Proficiency Testing of regional laboratories 

Example documents:

Plan for the 9th Scandinavian Interlaboratory comparison study Salmonella 2016 (pdf, 128 KB)

Result for the 9th Scandinavian Interlaboratory comparison study Salmonella 2016 (pdf, 128 KB)

Lennart Melin 

[Salmonellosis or Salmonella infection – high nasal colonization rates of Salmonella enterica subspecies diarizonae 61:k:1,5,(7) in Swiss sheep herds] 

[Gudrun Overesch] 

Recent investigations on Salmonella Enteritidis contamination in the poultry production in France (pdf, 930 KB) 

Laetitia Bonifait  

Work programme EURL-Salmonella second half 2016, first half 2017, discussion on general items and closure (pdf, 758 KB)  

Kirsten Mooijman 





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